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With the start of a New Year, we know you’re probably on the lookout for some new goals. As advocates for environmental sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyles, we’d like to share some sustainable actions that you could consider for 2022:

1. Bring reusable utensils, straws, or bags when shopping to avoid the use of unnecessary one-time waste.

2. Consider making sustainable fashion choices.

3. Avoid cosmetics with palm oil and products tested on animals.

4. Start composting and look into your city’s waste collection plan.

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While there is so much to celebrate during this time, we encourage you to take moments to slow it down and remind yourself of the importance of mindful living. When you slow it down, you’ll also realize there is so much gratitude and love within this season hidden behind the mirage of sale items and unconscious purchases. 

One way to develop a positive consumption impact is to prioritize buying your gifts from small businesses. By purchasing from individuals, you are supporting your community and their families while also considering the environmental impacts of your dollars. In essence, you are celebrating community through sustainable shopping.

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While it may seem as though deforestation does not align with the fashion industry, these worlds intersect in numerous ways. In one example, fabrics that are made of cellulosic fibers, such as viscose and rayon, are prominently made from wood pulp. While this fabric had initially been considered more sustainable than plastic-based fibers such as acrylic or polyester, the recent demand for this pulp in fast fashion cycles has resulted in mass deforestation efforts, reducing the biodiversity of many forests and ecosystems. 

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These past few months have brought many changes and fantastic partnerships at Oak & Fir. Most recently, we have been able to switch our manufacturers to partner with a company that aligns closely with our goals, while also ensuring that we source our products within the continent to reduce our environmental footprint. This month, we are thrilled to introduce our new manufacturer Recover: Sustainable Apparel Company

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Ultimately, fast fashion is unsustainable, no matter what greenwashed advertising larger companies promise. As consumers, we have the power to shift our spending habits and encourage change in the fashion industry by supporting companies that prioritize environmental sustainability.

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