Becoming Size Inclusive

Becoming Size Inclusive

Let’s talk about “plus sizes”! But first, we need to acknowledge that the ideology of “plus-sizing” is kind of a myth. Did you know that the average woman in North America wears “plus size” clothing? And this is not a new phenomenon! North American women have been wearing what we now consider to be “plus sizes” for over 20 years, and yet the fashion industry has failed to normalize the various shapes and sizes of women’s bodies - so much so, that clothing larger than a size 10 is considered “plus size”. The term “plus size” leads us to believe that these sizes are additional - that bigger bodies stray from the norm and that individuals who are categorized as wearing “plus size” clothing are outside of the average - and this is not the case! 

“Plus Sizes” have been deemed “extra” by the fashion industry, with most clothing labels only producing clothing up to size 12, which is significantly smaller than the average American or Canadian woman. Finding clothing that fits well, reflects your personality and fits your taste is hard enough with fast fashion brands. Now once you start searching for sustainable and ethically made clothing, your brand options are diminished significantly. 

At Oak and Fir, we have not been doing our best to be size-inclusive. This year will be different. We will be launching a new line on January 15th that is more size-inclusive and reflective of the average North American woman’s body! We are trying to be better and we will continue to do our best. 

But we want to hear from you! Have you found a size-inclusive, sustainable brand you love? What are your thoughts on the term “plus size”? Let us know in the comments! 

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