Ethical Shopping: Fairtrade Products & our Bee Bella Lip Balm

Ethical Shopping: Fairtrade Products & our Bee Bella Lip Balm

          On August 9th, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released their report estimating potential climate impacts and offering suggestions to support a greener future. Among many initiatives, one of their statements was the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prioritize sustainability. According to the BBC, the fast fashion economy accounts for approximately 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, fast fashion is unsustainable, no matter what greenwashed advertising larger companies promise. As consumers, we have the power to shift our spending habits and encourage change in the fashion industry by supporting companies that prioritize environmental sustainability. At Oak & Fir, we strive to encourage sustainable production and distribution practices, to become a brand that embodies ethical shopping by pursuing environmental initiatives without sacrificing affordability!

            One way we hope to encourage ethical shopping and sustainability is by stocking products that prioritize Fairtrade sourcing. Among the vast global trade system, small-scale farmers are continually the most marginalized. Products deemed Fairtrade work to subvert these discriminatory practices by supporting positive working conditions and fairly compensating farmers and laborers for the cost of production. Fairtrade products also support sustainable crop production by funding ethical crop rejuvenation and developing long-term equitable trade relationships.

            When it comes to our Bee Bella Lip Balm, you’ll notice the ingredients include Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil and Fairtrade Organic Cocoa Butter. This ensures that the cocoa and coconut farmers have received a fair price for their products and are not subject to unfair working conditions. Also, by sourcing organic, we know that the farmers avoid the use of any pesticides - which have lasting effects on insect populations, water sources, the farmers, and the ecosystem at large. An added bonus of this product is that each lip balm is hand poured and crafted by the beekeepers themselves, all which providing funding to honey-bee research. By choosing to shop ethically, you can help to shift the sustainability of the fashion industry, pushing us one step closer to supporting the regeneration of a healthy planet!

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