Mindful Consumption: How to spot environmentally friendly products & businesses

Mindful Consumption: How to spot environmentally friendly products & businesses

The path to mindful consumption while shopping for eco-conscious products can be difficult to navigate as some businesses ‘greenwash’ their slogans and leave consumers with questions surrounding vague promises. To help you navigate this landscape and to explain some of our initiatives, we’ve compiled a list of ways to spot environmentally friendly products and businesses:

1. Question the sustainability of the product: When deciding to
purchase a new product you may want to consider the materials, the energy that
went into making the product, delivery, and durability. At Oak & Fir we prioritize these aspects with each product we sell without sacrificing affordability.

2. Look for specific objectives and deliverables: To sift through
‘greenwashing’ slogans and identify whether businesses are truly focused on
improving our environment, it is helpful to look for specific objectives and
deliverables on their website. Our company prioritizes small batch production by
working with a handful of small business and factories that guarantee the safety
of all workers. We have also recently partnered with One Tree Planted, a
nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation, restoring nature’s biodiversity by
planting trees. Our partnership ensures that every order sold at Oak & Fir
equates to one tree planted!

3. Shipping & Packaging: You may want to look for businesses that
consciously work to reduce or eliminate wasteful shipping practices. We make
every effort to ensure we use only recycled, recyclable or compostable material
for packaging. We also prioritize carbon neutral shipping, meaning that we work
with shipping companies to ensure they offset the climate impact of your delivery!

We hope this list helps you on your journey to mindful consumption and
grants you peace of mind when shopping with Oak & Fir. If you want to learn more about our sustainability initiatives, visit our ‘Sustainability’ page on our

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