Sustainable Fashion: Simplify your life & improve your mental health

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Sustainable Fashion: Simplify your life & improve your mental health

Sustainable fashion has been praised for its environmentally friendly benefits - and rightly so, who doesn’t love shopping for quality clothing pieces while prioritizing the environment? Talk about a win-win! However, there are many more benefits that accompany this perspective.

Sustainable fashion describes the preference of eco-conscious methods in the design, manufacturing, and distribution stages of clothing production. It offers a counter narrative to fast fashion cycles which prioritize rapidly evolving ‘trends’ and contribute to the depletion of Earth’s natural resources. While fast fashion causes severe environmental havoc, it also has a psychological toll on consumers who are burdened to believe that they must continually purchase the latest trends to fulfil an unrealistic sense of self-worth.

Choosing sustainability can unlock new ways to simplify your life and improve your mental health! Firstly, when it comes to simplification, a preference towards purchasing sustainable fashion products promotes mindfulness by encouraging consumers to think about the processes behind the finished products, the material used, and the longevity of their purchase. By selecting pieces that are ethically produced and long-lasting, you will be able to build a closet that is simplified yet diverse.

Secondly, a perspective on ethical shopping and sustainable fashion shifts consumption away from the fast-fashion narrative that ‘retail therapy’ acts as a solution to mental health struggles. Instead, sustainable fashion places emphasis on environmentally friendly products through conscious decision making, encouraging consumers to be mindful in various areas of their life. Simultaneously, sustainable fashion proves that consumers no longer need to believe the marketing campaigns that position rapidly changing clothing styles, and shrinking sizing, as the epitome of fashion.

By prioritizing small batch production, ethical manufacturing, conscious packaging, and carbon neutral shipping at Oak & Fir, we hope to make sustainable fashion accessible, stylish, and simple!

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