Sustainable New Year's Goals for 2022

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Sustainable New Year's Goals for 2022

Happy New Year Oak & Fir Family!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are starting this New Year feeling refreshed, fulfilled, and hopeful for all that 2022 has to offer. With the start of a New Year, we know you’re probably on the lookout for some new goals. As advocates for environmental sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyles, we’d like to share some sustainable actions that you could consider for 2022:

  1. Bring reusable utensils, straws, or bags when shopping to avoid the use of unnecessary one-time waste. According to the Habits of Waste campaign, approximately 40,000,000,000 plastic forks, spoons, and knives are used and thrown away each year. While it can seem daunting to swap every product at once, a great way to take actionable steps is to make one change at a time - swap one disposable item for a reusable alternative. Our Slow it Down Tote Bag is a reusable shopping bag perfect for your groceries, mall runs, picnics, and so much more!
  2. Consider making sustainable fashion choices. Purchasing second hand, upcycling clothing to a new use, or prioritizing brands or businesses that have sustainable initiatives at their core, are just a few ways that you could make this conscious change. Ultimately, you’ll want to search for environmental initiatives as supported by businesses, such as those at Oak & Fir. For example, if you purchase our Beanie or ‘Slow it Down’ Henley, you can shop confidently knowing that we prioritize using manufacturers in either Canada or the USA to guarantee ethical production practices and living wages of production employees. We use natural, recyclable, or already recycled material with our manufacturer, Recover Brands. We use carbon neutral shipping for every order and include a note on how to property recycle or compost all of your packing materials. Lastly, we also plant one tree in Ontario, Canada for every item sold. These initiatives, among many others, are a few you could consider when purchasing new clothing to ensure your dollars are supporting eco-friendly businesses. 
  3. Avoid cosmetics with palm oil and products tested on animals. The cosmetic industry has a long history of animal testing, an unethical practice that tests cosmetic safety on animals before introducing the products to the consumer market. Looking for companies that explicitly state they do not test on animals is one way to avoid this unsustainable and unethical practice. Likewise, cosmetic products made with palm oil are contributors to problematic deforestation practices. According to the European Palm Oil Alliance, the planting and resource collection of palm oil is one of the many drivers of tropical deforestation. Our Bella Bee lip balm is one such product that does not use any palm oil and is ethically produced without animal testing. 
  4. Start composting and look into your city’s waste collection plan. Most cities will list their composting initiatives on their website directly. If your city does not have a compost plan, you could consider your own compositing set up at home (check out vermicomposting for a small scale set up).

We hope you consider some or all of these New Year’s goals and join us in making our future sustainable!

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